ENGL 10803.070
Spring 2021
MW 2-3:20 pm CT
Online (Zoom)

Welcome to Introductory Composition: Writing as Inquiry. As a writing workshop, this course focuses on writing as inquiry. Hence, we will use writing to inquire into individuals and society. Throughout the course, we'll engage in processes of invention, reading, drafting, revision, and editing as we complete writing projects that introduce to some of the many ways writing can support inquiry, a key goal of writing in college.

In terms of context, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. It’s not a situation to ignore. Consequently, I’m expecting some funkiness to continue this semester. Therefore, we’ll plan for the best but also acknowledge the context in which we’re meeting and learning.

This course website gathers the assignments together, so we'll be using it as we move through the course. We'll meet via Zoom, but have this website open as well since information, readings, links, assignments will be posted on here.

What's Up with Dis/Course?

Consider this course a practice space to develop your own discourse—bring yourself into it. We're gonna play with language to develop as writers and thinkers. I encourage you to bring your own style to writing, but that takes practice to achieve. Personally, I like to blast music while I write. But it has to be music that puts me in touch with discourses at home, so lately, I've been listening to Alfredo Olivas. So explore what approaches to writing work best for you. Through frequent feedback from classmates as well as myself, you'll have a chance to see how others feel about your compositions. Typically, choosing topics or angles that you care about facilitates better writing, so consider your own ideas, interests, and values as you write. So, what's your voice?

Broadly, the course has been structured though four major projects. These projects will be supported by various reading and writing assignments. Additionally, we'll work on writing multiple drafts before submitting the final composition. It's an involved process, so participating in these activities will bring forth the best outcomes.